Personal, Flexible, Tailored Solutions!
Located right off the LIE, Polar Crossing is a state-of-the-art 1.3 Million Cubic Feet Low Temp. Storage facility with over 3,000 palet capacity and both dock height and ground level loading capabilities.

Polar Crossing offers a wide variety of humidity and temperature controlled storage solutions ranging from rock hard actual -20 ° freezers, to +35° coolers and more!

On top of it’s storage capabilities, Polar Crossing also has a fleet of trucks with distribution capabilities nationwide, giving customers’ soup to nuts options for storing and distributing their product.

Polar Crossing can help you grow your business by giving you space to store your product without the costly overhead and expansion of your facility.

"Being a baked goods company, Polar Crossing has helped me plan to grow my business exponentially. I can now store my raw ingredients in an optimal environment to reduce my warehouse overhead and focus on obtaining larger clientele."
"My business growth had plateaued due to the limitations of my truck fleet and staff. With Polar Crossing's transportation service I am able to fulfill more orders without the need for costly fleet expansion."